Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Possible causes of bulk SMS delivery failure

Here are some of the possible reasons why bulk SMS sent through our portal ( might not deliver


Starting from the 1st of July, 2016, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) mandated all GSM operators to enable a Do-not-disturb service (dnd) so as to allow GSM subscribers to opt out of promotional messages, Bank alerts, bulk SMS etc using shortcodes system
Unfortunately, many subscribers are automatically opted into DND, especially by MTN without their prior knowledge, while some subscribers enabled DND without knowing the eventual repercussion.

To ensure you message delivers to everybody including DND subscribers, Subscribe to our Corporate Channel on
A unit on the Channel cost N3.50k/SMS and has to be set by an Administrator on the given account.
Please Call/mail: 23480-3834-8502/ for assistance.


Some words or combinations are not permitted to be used as SENDER ID for you bulk SMS. This is because some of those words are already registered to be used by certain organisations or individuals or in some other cases, those are are seldom used for fraud-related purposes.

UBA, gtbank, DHLNG, M!T!NNG, GIo, , CBN!, GTBanks, GTBanks, 121, 0101, GL0, +GLO, +GL0, DANGOTEGROUP, Fidelitybk, STERLINBANK, ##GLO, +GLONG, +#GLO, +GLOR2S, +GLOR2S, +AirteI, UBA, +MTNNG, +MTNNG, Agip, ++MTNNG, MINOFEDUC, RomEmbAbj, Copart, 
GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC, DHL, LaCasera@, @, GTBBANK@?, , DHL@, UbaBank@, LaCasera@, GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC, NOKIA, GTBANK, GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC, First Bank, GTBank, MTN, MTN N, LACASERA,
CASH0FFER', I8O, 'MTN', I80, CUSTCARE, CALLCENTRE@, LaCasera@10, ++CBNAlert, MEGASPLASH, FirstBankk@, ++MtnMega, etb, SKYEBANK, +equitybank, LaCasera@13, ECOBANK, ++etb, +131, ++180, AlRTEL, 180, paypalusa, 18O, LASUES, CAPA'SMEN, FIRSTALERT, DHLAbuja, 
CustomerMTN, ++++MTNN, MTNHYUND, HYUNDAIMTN, Customer, Winner, PromoAward, REWARD, MTN', MTNNG, MTN'NG, MTN'NG, MTN', MTN', CASH0FFER, MTN', MTN'NG, GLO', Glo', 
AUCHIPOLY, GIoNG, auchi poly, GLONg, CAPA'SMEN, MISAUCHI, CAPA'SMEN, Yahoo, fidelitybank, globonus, Glopromo, UNIZIK, UNN
++CBN, HOP, 00, ++MTN, +++MTNN, ++++MTNN, MTN0ffer, MTNCustomer, 

c0ngratulati0ns, pr0m0, w0n, call, congratulations, promo, won call, pr0m0, w0n, prom0, w0n, pr0mo, w0n call, promo won call, hurray w0n call, hurray won call, won prize call, w0n prize call, pr0m0 prize call, prom0 prize call, pr0mo prize call, auchi poly,  offer, congrats, win
If your message contains any of these words, your message wont be delivered to your recipients

Please note that this list will be updated from time to time, so it is advisable to always check for new additions.
The best way to ascertain if a  message will eventually deliver is to send a sample SMS to a phone number and confirm delivery.

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